Premier League Teams

= captain

Asterion MijnDomein

RolePlayer IGN
Top Desorn
Jungle Joekie
Mid D3 Caught
Bottom Xyred
Support Xubes
Substitute Moswarm
Substitute Toddle
Substitute Sylvermouse
Substitute Pewed

Delfts Competitive League Team

RolePlayer IGN
Top Palikir
Jungle Master Q
Mid Vayne Spot Me
Bottom Demortius
Support Lauralorella
Substitute Breakingbard
Substitute Nevan
Substitute Krielkipje

Dorans Mannelijk Roze

RolePlayer IGN
Top sènpaí
Jungle Foute Makelaar
Mid Ignite me Senpai
Bottom LMMasters
Support Waterbird
Substitute Foute Dakdekker
Substitute Kim jong Huynh

Dorans Omega

RolePlayer IGN
Top Dunksparce
Jungle Lethamuse
Mid Keeswilvlees
Bottom Jandabeach
Support Jeop
Substitute Pietwilfriet
Substitute Snitsky

ESEV Zephyr

RolePlayer IGN
Top MrMajoor
Jungle NOMlS
Mid Daan Stylez
Bottom Snirp
Support Dodging Dummy
Substitute komast
Substitute Vaìps
Substitute Derck
Substitute V0rpal

Erasmus Esports

RolePlayer IGN
Top Guns For Armor
Jungle Mike4g
Mid Tiltvez
Bottom Tuomarí
Support Thejesusofsuburb
Substitute take my sp3c
Substitute Getspace
Substitute davyy
Substitute islated

NSE Adamant

RolePlayer IGN
Top Invasive
Jungle Discolor
Mid YewMadBro
Bottom J0nathan
Support dolfijn
Substitute Forcestr1ker
Substitute Nanna
Substitute Immortall
Substitute Berthil

NSE Mithril

RolePlayer IGN
Top Prodz
Jungle Reformed Vaeriah
Mid ArsAtes
Bottom ThomasLoI
Support zruJ
Substitute Welsey
Substitute Cronùs
Substitute do not blame me

NSE Rune

RolePlayer IGN
Top ívo
Jungle gasfornuis
Mid SaintMarty
Bottom Tendo Kisara
Support Crines
Substitute Higa
Substitute Ruitjes
Substitute Dragflick
Substitute 0ptixx

Paragon Esports

RolePlayer IGN
Top Juke of Holland
Jungle Kneus
Mid Frankvrep
Bottom MoutainDEW
Support JL Virtue
Substitute Hello im Erik
Substitute Turtl3boy
Substitute PhilosopherPlato
Substitute faalbaaz

Stenden NHL

RolePlayer IGN
Top BigFatSnorlax
Jungle HugMePleasee
Mid Coballz
Bottom Riron
Support SouIjacker
Substitute Goodluck havéfun
Substitute TheMiedemaLegend
Substitute Kwarkaapje
Substitute Hic est Bionis

Tranquillo Esports

RolePlayer IGN
Top Kenpachiˉ
Jungle God Trunks
Mid Invocation
Bottom Kaluchi
Support Bartiono
Substitute Uchiha Kisame
Substitute Skórpion
Substitute Cant be axed
Substitute Absurfer